BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport police say they arrested a suspect in a local armed robbery Friday thanks to surveillance video aired on News 12 Connecticut.

Police say an officer recognized the suspect he saw on News 12 and took him into custody.

Maura Ceron, the owner of El Centenario florist shop at 2750 Fairfield Ave. in Black Rock, says a gunman walked into the store around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, pointed a handgun at her head and demanded cash. She says she turned over the money and that the gunman then fled on foot.

Police say a patrol officer recognized the suspect, questioned him with his mother present, because he is underage, and then eventually charged him. 

Ceron says she's feared a robbery might happen since opening the store 10 years ago.

Police say the suspect will go before a judge next week, but that his name cannot be released because of his age.

Police say similar crimes are common.

"You know a lot of them are kids -- they're crimes of opportunity," says Bridgeport Police Capt. Brian Fitzgerald. "They don't understand the ramifications of what can happen when they get caught, and they think it's just an easy way to make a quick buck."