STAMFORD - A suspect has been charged after Stamford police say an officer fired several shots at him during a traffic stop Thursday night.

Police say Patrol Officer Steven Estabrook approached a vehicle stopped in a lane on Grove Street around 9:30 p.m. Officers say the driver had appeared to have passed out, but woke up as the officer approached.

Estabrook asked Elias Garcia-Ramirez, 29, for his license and registration. Police say Garcia-Ramirez then grabbed a handgun. Officers say Estabrook then fired several shots at the car and the suspect was not hurt.

Police say they recovered a BB gun that looked like a handgun and a half-bottle of whiskey from the car. Garcia-Ramirez was charged with DUI, interfering with police and possession of a fake firearm.

In court Friday, the suspect's attorney called the situation a misunderstanding. He says Garcia-Ramirez did not own the car he was driving and also did not own the BB gun, which apparently fell from the opened glove compartment.

Estabrook has been placed on modified duty pending the results of a state police investigation.

Garcia-Ramirez was held on a $55,000 bond and is due back in court Feb. 4.