STAMFORD - Six years after a Harbor Drive woman was stabbed to death, Stamford police say they have a suspect in custody.

Investigators say they are charging Shiela Davalloo with the murder of Anna Lisa Raymundo, who was killed in her condo back in 2002. Police believe Davalloo stabbed Raymundo 20 times after the two were involved in a workplace love triangle.

According to police, Raymundo and her boyfriend worked with Davalloo at Stamford-based Purdue Pharma. The women were both romantically involved with the boyfriend until he became more serious with Raymundo, leading Davalloo to kill her rival, officials say.

Police say Raymundo?s family can finally move forward. ?We are just so happy we can bring them some closure,? Captain Richard Conklin of the Stamford Police Department says. ?We can never replace their daughter.?

Davalloo has been serving time in New York for the attempted murder of her husband in 2003. Police say the case was delayed by the need to collect more evidence and to have Davalloo transported to Connecticut.

Davalloo will remain in custody overnight and will be arraigned Tuesday.

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