NORWALK - A man suspected in several robberies is facing charges in Norwalk and Westport this evening.

Terence Leydon was arrested for allegedly leading officers on a high-speed car chase through Bridgeport.

Police say they identified Leydon after getting a description of him in an armed robbery at Broad Street Nails earlier in the day.

Officers say the suspect may be responsible for at least four armed robberies within the last week.

They say a Norwalk police dispatcher recognized the getaway vehicle from another robbery in Milford, and used information in that case to trace the truck to Leydon. Police say they also found the gun and tire iron they think were used in the robberies inside Leydon's truck, along with a set of silverware.

Police in Milford and Danbury say they may file charges against Leydon as well.

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