BRIDGEPORT - Two suspects have been charged in the Bridgeport shooting over the weekend that injured three people, including a child.

The two suspects have been identified as 18-year-old Taivon Reed and 19-year-old Owen Hines. They are expected to be arraigned in court Tuesday.

Police say the suspects opened fire during a family gathering on Anson Street Saturday night. Officials say the two had a dispute the previous night with an individual who lives in the house.

Two women were shot and a 9-year-old was hit by bullet fragments.

One of the victims is in serious condition, but is expected to survive.

Officials say both Reed and Hines have been arrested in the past for various charges including assaulting a police officer. 

Residents say they are terrified after Saturday’s incident, which marked the latest in a string of other shootings across the city. 

Police Chief A.J. Perez says he is pushing for Reed and Hines to be prosecuted under federal law. He says he wants the community to know there is no tolerance for these type of crimes.