MERIDEN - Police are still searching for the suspects who pulled off a $5 million heist at a Lenox Jewelers in Fairfield.

Authorities say the suspects entered a Meriden apartment currently leased to Lenox Jewelers. There, they apparently tied up two hostages to be taken to the store to open it. One of these hostages, Sharbel Hanoosh, is the store's manager.

However, two visitors walked into the apartment at around the same time, prompting one of the robbers to stay behind and monitor them until the robbery was complete.

Investigators say the FBI is now involved to assist police.

News 12 Connecticut spoke with private investigator and former police detective Chris Paoletti, who gave a psychological analysis of the thieves based on the way the alleged crime was committed.

He says the heist may have been an inside job. Paoletti says the timing of the crime and the execution were too perfect.

"I don't think that these thieves were that lucky to go there by chance and get $5 million worth of jewelry," said Paoletti.

Police say it is too early to draw any conclusions, but they are not ruling out the speculation.