SHELTON - The headmaster of Shelton High School has reversed her decision today to ban a student from the prom after he posted cardboard letters on the school asking out his friend. School officials deemed the 12-inch letters a safety risk, and as a result, senior James Tate received an in-school suspension.Under school rules, because Tate was suspended after April 1, he couldn't go to the prom.Today, however, headmaster Dr. Beth Smith announced a policy change. She says she will implement a case-by-case consideration of punishments. In Tate's case, he can go to the prom. Smith admits that all the attention that Tate's case has garnered played a role in her decision. "Throughout the past week, the level of distraction created by this incident has affected the culture of Shelton High School," she says. Smith says she hopes the school can now move forward and focus on more positive things, like the upcoming launch of space shuttle Endeavour that will carry a science experiment put together by Shelton High School students.