NORWALK - Some parents in Norwalk say they are concerned about the brief suspension of two early childhood programs.

The Norwalk Housing Authority, which manages the programs, sent a letter to parents a few days ago. It mentions temporary closures at the Ben Franklin and Nathaniel Ely schools.

Parents say they are frustrated by the move, and are now left to seek other child care providers for at least two weeks beginning June 17. Officials say the decision came after the city's early childhood council changed management.

Early childhood council officials say the Housing Authority had its difficulties, including losing some funding last year due to children being left unattended and staff shortages. However, officials say they are able to find a solution and wanted to clarify that the programs are being temporarily suspended, not permanently shut down.

Officials say the Odyssey Group and the Growing Seeds Child Development Center, both located in the city, will be the new providers. They say they hope the programs will start again in July.