GREENWICH - A hazmat team was called to a business complex in Greenwich, where a suspicious package containing white powder was discovered Wednesday morning.

Officials say mail room workers at 1 Greenwich Plaza found the powder at around 10 a.m., sealed it in a container and put it inside a package.

Following the discovery, the building was cordoned off by a hazmat team. The mail room area was sealed, but the rest of the building remained open for business.

?Our units got there, secured the area, evacuated the building and proceeded on our normal procedures for hazmat incidents,? says Assistant Fire Chief Bob Kick.

According to officials, a sample of the powder was sent to Hartford, where it will be tested to determine the chemical make-up of the white substance.

?There are thousands of possibilities for the white powder,? Kick says. ?Right now we are treating it just as an unknown substance.?

The fire department says the test results are not expected to be back for at least 48 hours.

According to hazmat officers, the mail room employees who had contact with the package were decontaminated and sent to a Greenwich hospital for evaluation. Their status is currently unknown.