NORWALK - A swim meet was held Saturday at the Darien YMCA to raise money for an 11-year-old girl who suffers from a rare disease.

Grace Wohlberg has Rasmussen?s encephalitis, which affects just 100 people a year in the United States. According to Deb Wohlberg, Grace?s mother, the young girl was diagnosed with the rare neurological disorder six months ago. Before that, her daughter loved to swim.

Wohlberg says Grace underwent a surgery recently, which removed the right side of her brain to help prevent her from having many uncontrollable seizures. Grace is now on the path to recovery.

Nearly 50 members of the Darien High School swim team competed in 14 races to raise money for the family?s foundation, Friends for Grace. Grace?s 16-year-old brother, Michael, also swam and dove in honor of his sister.

The students say they weren?t competing for high scores but to show their support for Grace and her family.