NEW HAVEN - State Health Department officials announced Thursday another death related to swine flu on the same day the World Health Organization declared swine flu a pandemic, the first global flu epidemic in 41 years.

Health officials say a child between the ages of 5 and 10 in Connecticut died from the H1N1 virus. Although there are two swine flu deaths reported in Connecticut, this strain has not proven to be any more dangerous than the seasonal flu.

Stamford Hospital's Dr. Michael Parry says the word pandemic shouldn?t be a cause for alarm among residents. While it may sound scary, Parry says it does not mean this strain of influenza has grown more severe. Although the number of infections locally and globally has climbed, Parry says calling it a pandemic does not mean it's more deadly.

Parry predicts seeing the swine flu taper off within the next two to three weeks, but also sees it coming back in the fall.

The World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control have been sharing what they know about swine flu on their Web sites and update them regularly.