STAMFORD - Concerns over the swine flu outbreak are keeping pharmacies throughout southwestern Connecticut busy as they sell hand sanitizers, masks and Tamiflu.

Domenic Sammarco, a pharmacist at the Tully Health Center and Professional Pharmacy on Strawberry Hill Court in Stamford, says hand sanitizers are going fast. He says his wholesalers are temporarily out of Purell and similar products.

Sammarco also says he has filled more Tamiflu prescriptions than normal for this time of year.

As to the use of masks, Sammarco says not everyone has to wear them. However, he would recommend the N-95 mask for air travelers. He says the mask is conformed to a person's face with two straps so it is more likely to provide protection.

"I wouldn't be walking around town with it," Sammarco says. "But you may consider it to be an effective thing to put on as you travel."