GREENWICH - A Greenwich woman is spearheading the effort to put a stop to hackers who continue to bully a teen who took his life, even after his death.

Tara Church says hackers took over a Facebook page called "RIP Bart Palosz" that had been created in the teen’s memory. Family and friends say 15-year-old Palosz committed suicide after his first day of school because he was bullied.

Students at Greenwich High School say they don't understand how someone could continue to be bullied even in death.

The posts had seemingly come from the creator of the "RIP Bart Palosz" Facebook page, but Church says it was clear that the page had been hacked. She says she got hundreds of people to write into Facebook, and the page was eventually taken down.

A new page has been created and is being closely monitored to make sure the hackers don't again attempt the unthinkable.

There is no word on who hacked the previous Facebook page.