NORWALK - A 17-year-old illegal immigrant from southwestern Connecticut spoke with News 12 Connecticut today about President Obama's new immigration policy that will keep young people like her from being deported.

Alexandra Andreeva came to the U.S. from Eastern Europe when she was just 4 years old. Andreeva says she has always lived in fear of being deported. On Friday, that fear went away when the president announced the country will stop deporting young illegal immigrants who came here as children.

Those illegal immigrants will get a two-year visa that allows them to work, serve in the military, drive and go to school if they meet certain requirements. Andreeva admits, however, that she is worried about what will happen when that visa expires.

Opponents of the immigration reform are calling the president's move an election year abuse of power designed to win favor with Hispanic voters.

Young immigrants hopeful, skeptical of Obama's immigration plan