BRIDGEPORT - Members of a Bridgeport family say they face homelessness after a fire on Lindley Street last week.

Elouise Cash, a 66-year-old retired health care worker, says she lost everything when her apartment of 23 years burned.

"I was screaming, screaming," Cash says. "And all of a sudden I saw this, nothing but fire, and it was coming toward me and I could feel the heat of the fire on my face."

She says the fire destroyed a lifetime of memories.

As a black billow of smoke filled the room, she says she called to her son, Shawn. The pair escaped, but she hurt her knee and hip in the process.

But it is her spirit that hurts now, she says, because of what she lost -- everything from her home down to her eyeglasses.

Officials say the fire, which is still under investigation, left other residents in the same situation.

Marine Corps veteran Martin Boland says he had just moved into the same building, and the inferno has left him in shock.