GREENWICH - A group of Greenwich veterans were honored by thousands at the 17th annual Salute to Veterans Saturday.

The event took place at Havemeyer Field and many said it was the biggest one yet. The salute to the veterans was run by the Veterans Appreciation Council.

A demonstration by Navy SEALs was a highlight of the event when a MH60 helicopter was flown in.

?It's an actual mission that we train for,? says Navy SEAL Michael Pfeiffer. ?So to be able to show other people how it's done is fun for everyone.?

Many say they came to learn about what these men and women do and remember those who died serving their country.

?We all must keep their sacrifices alive, we all need to talk about them, we need to bring them up, we need to tell stories about them to our families,? says Marine Brig. Gen. John Toolan.

One veteran who was among those honored says 99 percent of the population that doesn?t serve should be grateful for the sacrifice made by those who do.