BLACK ROCK - A Bridgeport man is speaking publicly for the first time about witnessing the explosions at the Boston Marathon last year.

Tom Bodine says an annual get-together with his group of friends turned into the most horrifying ordeal of his life.

Bodine says he was about 60 feet from the second explosion. He was not hurt, but the shockwave hit him hard. "I couldn't get up off my feet for about 15 seconds because I was dizzy," he says.

The next thing Bodine remembers after the explosions is $20 bills flying through the air. Apparently, one of the bombs blew up an ATM.

He says he will never forget the emotions he felt immediately after the explosions, and still suffers from some of the psychological effects.

Bodine and his friends are grateful to be returning to the marathon this year as proud spectators.