RIDGEFIELD - A tree toppled and crashed through the roof of a Ridgefield home Friday morning, landing in the bedroom.

At around 3:30 a.m., an approximately 80-foot tulip tree split the roof of the house at 230 Mountain Road and landed in the master bedroom, where a young couple was sleeping.

?Then before they knew it, they saw this tree coming through the roof,? says Steven Catugno, of Norwalk, who owns the house where the couple lives.

Catugno says the tree landed less that 8 feet from his tenants and caused a lot of structural damage, but no one was hurt.

One of the owners of Knapp Brothers Tree Service says it is going to take a crane to get the large tree off the roof.

?If we were to make any cuts now it can twist and turn and create more damage,? he says. ?We've been in business 55 years so we've come across a few of these.?

It is not known why the apparently healthy tree snapped and fell.

The homeowner says it will likely take about three months to repair the house and make it livable again.