BROOKLYN - The hit-and-run driver accused of killing a young Hasidic couple and their baby in a horrific Brooklyn crash a week ago today is due back in court this Wednesday.

Ex-con Julio Acevedo is accused of barreling his loaned BMW into a livery cab that was on the way to the hospital with Nachman Glauber, 21, and his wife, Raizy, also 21.

The couple died after the impact, and their baby boy, who was delivered by cesarean section, died the following day. The Brooklyn couple was buried in the Orange County Hasidic community of Kyrias Joel, and the baby was buried the next day.

Acevedo, who fled to Pennsylvania after the accident, told police he was speeding in order to get away from a gunman. He turned himself in on Thursday and was charged with criminally negligent homicide.

Acevedo's license has been suspended and an order of protection was also granted for the livery driver who survived the crash.

If convicted, the ex-con could face at least another 15 years behind bars.

Acevedo has had problems with the law previously. The New York Post reported that Acevedo violated parole just a month after he got out of prison in 2007 for having contact with other felons. Instead of going back to prison, Acevedo served eight days under house arrest.