STAMFORD - Stamford officials shut down construction on the 36-story Trump Parc Condominiums Thursday after the site failed to pass a safety inspection.

Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy, who took part in the two-hour inspection of the building at the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Broad Street, says the contractor will have to fully clean the site, floor by floor, before the work is allowed to continue.

?With respect to the floors above the 22nd, or above where glass is currently being installed, work will be suspended on those floors until all reasonable safety precautions are taken,? Malloy says.

According to Malloy, once the cleanup of the site is complete, the city will allow the contractor to resume construction on a floor-by-floor basis.

The mayor says it is possible construction work on the first 22 floors, which are already encapsulated by glass, could resume by as early as Friday morning. However, he was not pleased with what he?d seen at the site.

Beginning Friday, the city will also have a full-time inspector at the Trump Building, who will have the power to immediately shut down construction again if he feels there is a threat to public safety.

The decision to stop construction results from three separate incidents involving debris falling off the building and causing damage.

The most recent case happened Wednesday, when a piece of metal fell from the building and shattered a window at the UConn Stamford campus across the street.