FAIRFIELD - Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump held a rally at Fairfield's Sacred Heart University Saturday night.

He spoke about a variety of topics, including his promise to build a wall on the Mexican border and his opinion about Hillary Clinton and her email scandal.

The Republican also told the audience that the taxes in Connecticut are too high and it's a shame that the state is losing a company like General Electric.

"General Electric, one of the great, great monster great companies. You lost it, so you got to vote for Trump. You've got to vote for Trump just as a signal to your incompetent governor that you're not going to take it anymore," said Trump.

Trump showed up in a state that hasn't voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1988. In his words, he is making a big move for the state of Connecticut.

Sacred Heart University did come under scrutiny from some alumni for hosting Trump. The president of the university says the school's goal is to promote an open dialogue, which means opening their doors to a wide variety of speakers on a diverse range of topics.

Hillary Clinton is scheduled to be Greenwich for a $33,000 a plate fundraising dinner on Monday.