STAMFORD - John “Tully” Knight admitted Friday that he was responsible for the death of 13-year-old Nick Parisot nearly seven years ago.

Officials say that Parisot was riding his dirt bike in the woods near his family's Wilton home back in June 2008 when he hit a rope that had been strung between two trees. Parisot later died of his injuries.

Police say Knight and another boy had intentionally tied the rope. Knight, who was 11 years old when Parisot died, was prosecuted in juvenile court and entered a guilty plea under the Alford Doctrine. He is now serving a three-year probation.

Parisot’s family filed a civil suit against Knight’s family, and today’s admission of responsibility came as a result of that suit.

David Golub, the Parisot family's attorney, says Tully Knight's admission means that additional details are being released about the criminal case.

As part of a settlement reached in the civil suit, Tully Knight, his parents and their homeowner’s insurance company have all made payments to the Parisot family.

Golub says that even though the civil and criminal cases are now closed, the Parisots don’t necessarily have closure.