FAIRFIELD - With Election Day just hours away, candidates are busy trying to get voters to the polls.

Republican candidate Chris Tymniak is vying for Democrat Michael Tetreau's position as first selectman in Fairfield.

Officials say Fairfield Republicans are throwing their support behind Chris Tymniak.

They say Tymniak is stressing the need for change as a way to attract supporters in the predominantly Democratic town.

Democratic Town Chair Heather Dean says residents don't want things to change. She says they like what Tetreau has been doing, which includes bringing in new business and minimal tax hikes.

Tetreau's camp says they have several supporters in the county.

Tymniak and Tetreau say they both feel pretty confident Monday after months of campaigning.

Both candidates say they've listened to what voters have to say, and that one of the biggest challenges that the winner will have to face is the possibility of GE leaving.

Tymniak says he plans to communicate with GE to convince them to stay in the state. He also adds that he plans to challenge tax hikes and control spending.

Tetreau also says he has been actively working with state officials to develop a plan to keep GE in Fairfield. He touts his four years of experience as selectman as an advantage over Tymniak.

Tetreau and Tymniak say they've stressed their stance on the issues for the past several months. However, they say their biggest challenge is getting residents to vote, especially in an off year.

Both candidates say they're working furiously to get people to the polls on the last leg of the race.