NORWALK - The ride-sharing service Uber announced Tuesday that it wants to hire 1,500 new drivers in Connecticut, hopefully from inner-city neighborhoods.

Uber is teaming up with the NAACP to find new drivers in inner-city neighborhoods. The company says that it's delivering badly needed jobs to urban neighborhoods.

The move comes as state lawmakers are considering regulating Uber.

Critics say it steals business from regulated taxi drivers, many of whom are also inner-city minorities.

"We do believe there's a place for both Uber and traditional taxi cabs and livery services," says Matt Powers, general manager of Uber Connecticut. "We're here to offer the best, most reliable option for riders."

Uber wants to hire these 1,500 new drivers within the next year.

The company plans on recruiting soon in Norwalk, as well as in Bridgeport and Stamford.