SOUTH NORWALK - A South Norwalk restaurant owner took a cue from the economy by closing the doors of her pricey Cuban restaurant and reopening it as a wallet-friendly diner.

Lushe?s SoNo Diner opened up shop Friday at 70 North Main St., which used to be the location of Habana. Lushe Gjuraj says as the economy sank so did the number of customers willing to spend $30 for an entrée. She shut down for several months and invested $300,000 to reopen as a diner with meals that cost less than $10.

As many local establishments have been forced to close down, Gjuraj says she hopes her new restaurant will be a welcome addition to the community.

Norwalk Mayor Dick Moccia tells News 12 Connecticut that the city plans to help struggling businesses stay open by launching a campaign to encourage residents to support their local businesses.