FAIRFIELD - A legislative committee in Connecticut approved a bill that could change the way police do their jobs.

Part of the bill would require police to undergo sensitivity training. It would also include hiring more minority officers, and having a special prosecutor to investigate any death in police custody.

The bill is designed to prevent violent clashes like those in Baltimore, Ferguson and other cities. It would make changes to the rules police follow when they use force.

State lawmakers removed a key part of the bill on Tuesday. The bill would now not require officers to wear body cameras to record their interactions with the public. Officers will only have to be trained in using the cameras.

While most applaud the use of body cameras, some say there are privacy concerns.

"Police officers are constantly going into people's homes, and they're constantly getting involved with very personal problems that someone may have," said Lt. James Perez, of the Fairfield Police Department.

Body camera footage would be open to the public under the state's open records rules.