BRIDGEPORT - A verdict for the Russell Peeler murder retrial has yet to be determined following the second day of jury deliberations.

Today, the jury reheard testimony from one of Peeler's cousins, Ryan Peeler, who had testified for the state.

Russell Peeler was convicted of fatally shooting Rudolph Snead in a Boston Avenue barber shop in 1998, and of trying to kill him on an earlier occasion, but the verdict was reversed by the Supreme Court because Peeler was denied the attorney of his choice.

The jury says they expect to have a verdict soon, possibly by tomorrow morning.

State officials say Snead was a rival drug dealer in competition with Peeler.

Peeler is currently on death row for ordering the murders of B.J. Brown, an 8-year-old boy who was set to testify in the case, and Brown's mother.