NORWALK - Some Connecticut veterans volunteered Saturday by chopping wood for the Weston Kiwanis Organization?s winter heating program.

The Kiwanis Organization says some of the wood was sold to raise money for the Warm Up Fund, which helps low income families pay their heating bills. The rest of the wood was given to those who use it as their sole source of heat.

?I think in times like these, we're all learning once again to pitch in and help out,? Ricky Dennis, an Army veteran, says.

Most of the veterans who volunteered currently live at Bridgeport?s Homes for the Brave, a transition housing complex that offers homeless veterans a place to live and adapt to civilian life.

The veterans who participated in the event say the day of volunteering also gave them the opportunity to display their skills and network with others as they seek employment.

The Kiwanis Organization says the veterans chopped more than 100 truckloads of wood. By the end of Saturday, they raised more than $1,100 for the Warm Up Fund.