STAMFORD - Stamford police say a man is in serious condition after Monday's home invasion in the city's Belltown area.

Police Capt. Richard Conklin tells News 12 that 32-year-old Joseph Donofrio and 31-year-old Michael Polizzi knocked on the victim's door on Monday night claiming they had accidentally backed into his car.

According to police, Donofrio and Polizzi attacked the 46-year-old victim as he opened his door. They beat him to the point where he was almost unrecognizable and almost unconscious.

Conklin says the victim used a knife to fight the men away. Neighbors heard the man's screams and called 911. When officials arrived, they found one suspect running down the street with a stab wound and the other hiding under a car.

The two men were arraigned in Stamford court on Tuesday.  Both men are facing home invasion, robbery and assault charges.

Residents of the neighborhood say they have never seen anything like this before in their area.

Police say Pilozzi has a lengthy criminal record. Both men will appear back in court on Oct. 8.