STRATFORD - On the one-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting, friends and family will remember Victoria Soto, the 27-year-old kindergarten teacher from Stratford who was killed in her classroom at Sandy Hook.

The victim's sister, Jillian Soto, has chosen to honor her memory with the creation of the redesigned Victoria Soto Children's Reading Center at the Stratford Library.

"To know there are kids who will see her name, honor her, and also to explore the way she did is such a great feeling," Soto says.

Soto recalls her sister's favorite book, "Love You Forever", which her sister had in the library in her classroom. The book was not salvageable.

"I'm getting emotional thinking about her reading it," says Soto. "How she would read it and how much she loved it, and thinking about the message within the book. I'm just thinking about my sister. Whether she is physically here or not, I'll always love her."