STRATFORD - A Stratford group devoted to the fight against drunken driving met today with a Manchester couple whose sons were killed by a drunken driver one year ago.

The Wayne's Walk Foundation is donating $5,000 to Robert Swain and Debra Evans to pay for their teen sons’ headstones.

Police say a drunken driver in East Hartford hit the car the teens were riding in one year ago, killing 18-year-old Robert and 16-year-old La'Andrew.

The couple says they have not been able to properly mark their son's graves. They say the foundation has really helped them cope with the pain of losing their sons.

Stratford Police Chief Patrick Riddenhour hopes that local teens will learn a lesson from the tragic crash.

The Wayne’s Walk Foundation will hold a 5K walk Saturday at Short Beach, with local and state leaders taking part.

By the end of the day, the foundation hopes to raise $50,000 to help drunken driving victims and their families throughout Connecticut.