WESTON - Weston police say they've charged a man with animal cruelty after hundreds of snakes, birds and other animals were discovered in his home.  

Police call this the largest animal cruelty case the state has ever dealt with. 

Officers went to the home on Newtown Turnpike last month after a neighbor reported a foul smell in the area. Police say they found the animals in filthy conditions, without food or water. Dozens of them were dead.

They say Daniel Kopulos turned himself in Tuesday after learning police had a warrant for his arrest. 

Police say he has been released and will appear in court later this month. They also say Kopulos has been cooperative from the start of the investigation. 

Police say Kopulos ran an exotic pet shop in New York that had recently closed. 

A local vet, who previously dealt with him, tells News 12 that he's always known Kopulos as a champion of animal care and education.