NORWALK - Westport police say one of their officers came up against a paintball gun-wielding suspect in a chase early Thursday morning.

Police say the officer stopped a car at the intersection of Post Road West and Sylvan Road in Westport around 2:30. As the officer approached, a man popped out of the rear hatch and started firing what seemed to be a rifle, police say. However, the weapon was actually a paintball gun.

The officer was hit several times and was hurt as he drove out of the way. The suspects? car sped off and ended up in Norwalk, where police say it crashed into a stone wall. Norwalk officers then pursued the suspects and arrested them near I-95 in Westport.

Norwalk Police Lt. Paul Resnick calls the entire incident foolish on the part of the suspects.

Police discovered the car the suspects were driving was actually stolen. Jaret Ortiz, 25, and Octavio Real, 20, both from Bridgeport, face several charges including assault with a firearm. They will be arraigned Friday.

Police are still looking for a third suspect.