WESTPORT - A Westport couple was hospitalized after their vehicle's airbags deployed seemingly at random. They say their car wasn't even on at the time of deployment.

An ambulance took Robert and Inez Liftig to the hospital Saturday after the airbags on their Nissan Rogue inflated as they sat inside the car, parked in their driveway.

Robert Liftig says he suffered minor burns from the airbag's fumes and says now he can't hear out of one ear because of the loud noise that accompanied the deployment.

The Liftigs say they feel lucky the incident didn't happen while they were driving. They say a bit of research has turned up internet postings from three other Rogue owners who also experienced airbag misfires.

The couple's vehicle was towed to a Nissan dealership for an examination. A Nissan North America spokesman told News 12 Connecticut that the company is unaware of similar incidents but plans to perform an investigation.