WESTPORT - A Westport parent called on the school district Monday to address the problems with certain social media apps, saying the apps could lead to cyberbullying.

The call comes after multiple residents have alleged that 14-year-old Staples High School student Christopher Lanni, who committed suicide, was bullied online.

One parent who spoke with News 12 specifically mentioned the app Whatsgoodly as a source of concern. It allows users to anonymously answer polling questions. The parents says her daughter, also a Staples student, found negative comments about her on the app.

After Lanni's death, the parent says she immediately reached out to school officials regarding the app. The officials responded to her by saying they are aware of the problem and working on a resolution.

However, parents say that since then, school officials have not done much to publicly address the issue and potential dangers of anonymous social apps.

Police have said they haven't found evidence of cyberbullying in their investigation into Lanni's death, but they are continuing to look into the matter.