WESTPORT - It's the time of year when pranks by seniors are common place in high schools across southwestern Connecticut.

In Sarah Friedson's case, some people were not amused.

Friedson, a senior at Staples High School, walked her pony to school Friday as her father followed in his car.

They say their plan was to bring the pony into the parking lot, perhaps snap some photographs and then bring it home. Friedson and her father, Ron Friedson, say their idea was meant to be part prank, part political statement about high gas prices.

However, they say that when they arrived at Staples High, several assistant principals and staff were there to meet them.

Friedson was suspended for 10 days, and police gave both her and her father a ticket for breach of peace.

Ron Friedson says the school is being way too harsh.

Efforts by News 12 Connecticut to reach both the high school and the superintendent's office have so far been unsuccessful.