NORWALK - Bridgeport resident Louis Chevalier says he tries to stay upbeat despite his Type 2 diabetes, but he hasn’t laughed much lately.

Chevalier says it is frustrating for him that there is no real cure for diabetes. Scientists are working on possible cures such as stem cell treatment and pancreas transplants.

As for right now, Chevalier wants to know if the metformin pills and insulin shots he is taking provide the best treatment available.

Dr. Christine Gould, of St. Vincent's Trumbull Medicine, says studies show the two medications are very good at maintaining a target blood sugar level. She also says they are good at helping patients refrain from gaining weight.

Dr. Gould claims that if a patient can get down to a body mass index of less than 25 percent, they could possibly not need medication.

Patients on insulin injections who hate shots or find them inconvenient may want to ask their doctors about using an insulin pump instead.

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