NORWALK - This week's "What's Ailing You" looks at whether eggs are a healthy meal.

Nutritionists often say eggs provide a good amount of protein, but consumers often worry because they also contain cholesterol. 

Dr. Steven Kunkes, of Cardiac Specialists in Fairfeld, says eggs are  a good choice. However, since the yoke contains about 200 milligrams of cholesterol and the American Heart Association recommends a total of 300 milligrams, Dr. Kunkes recommends a single yoke daily.

Egg whites contain no cholesterol, Dr. Kunkes says.

Dr. Cindy Anderson, of Sabita Holistic Center in Southport, says she recommends patients eat eggs because they're 77 calories each, contain 5 grams of healthy, monounsaturated fat and are packed with vitamins and protein.

Eggs also contain lutein, an antioxidant that Dr. Anderson says is good for the eyes.

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