BRIDGEPORT - This week, News 12 Connecticut's What's Ailing You looks at generic forms of medications and if they're safe to take.

Pharmacists say it's now more common to give a customer the generic form of a medication that is prescribed. Since it's far less expensive, insurance companies also designate generic prescriptions for their customers.

Norwalk Hospital Pharmacy Director Bob Bepco says it's been almost 30 years since generic drugs hit the marketplace, providing customers and insurance companies with huge cost savings. In all that time, Bepco says that he doesn't know of one case in which the brand-name medication has been better than its generic form.

Bepco says the active ingredient in the generic and brand-name medications must be the same, and the milligrams prescribed is the same. "It's the same no matter what," says Bepco.

Bepco and other pharmacists say generic medications are a smart move. If you're unsure, they say it's important to ask the pharmacist or call your doctor before you take any chances.

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