GREENWICH - This week’s “What’s Ailing You” takes a look at high-intensity interval training.

For those not seeing results from slow and steady exercise, doctors say a workout including short spurts of intense cardio may be beneficial – but that’s only if your body is ready for it.

In addition to helping the body’s blood-glucose levels, doctors say short intervals of fast moves within a workout can increase fat burning and boost athletic ability.

Doctors recommend not jumping into this sort of training. Dr. Marc Kowalsky, of Orthopedic and Neurosurgery Specialists in Greenwich, says injuries are possible if a participant isn’t ready.

“I think people who are thinking about HI training should have an athletic background, should have prepared with a preceding period of strengthening and conditioning a more traditional sense,” says Kowalsky. “And then, when they demonstrate they’re capable, ramp it up with HIIT.”

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