This week's "What's Ailing You" offers a look at what resources and organizations are available for HIV and AIDS patients.

A private physician well versed in HIV care should be easily available to patients. But if you're undocumented, uninsured or on Medicaid, there are still clinic resources in most towns, and most have dedicated HIV practitioners.

If someone tests positive for HIV or AIDS, Dr. Michael Parry says they will have access to treatment regardless of their situation.

Stamford Hospital's "Optimus" is among the clinics in southwestern Connecticut with an open door. Dr. Parry says the powerful cocktail of medications are now given in one-pill-a-day form, and can be paid for with federal dollars available locally through the Connecticut AIDS Drug Assistance Program.

Also, nonprofits like the Triangle Community Center in Norwalk and Family Centers' Stamford Cares' HIV outreach are available to help, too.

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