NORWALK - In this week's "What's Ailing You," a Norwalk man has suffered from a lingering cold all winter.

Dr. Andrew Parker, an ear, nose and throat doctor at Norwalk Hospital, says one underlying issue could be cartilage in your nose that interferes with mucus drainage. To prevent cold viruses from lingering, Dr. Parker says you should irrigate your sinuses with a basic saline spray to rinse out infected mucus.

He says if you blow your nose and it's green, that may mean a sinus infection that needs antibiotics. When reaching for relief, Dr. Parker says to grab an expectorant instead of a decongestant.

"There are a bunch of over-the-counter products that are called guaifenesin, and this is a mucus thinner," said Parker. "Pure guaifenesin is taken twice daily with a lot of water."

Dr. Parker says another culprit for a lingering cold could be allergies to dust and/or mold that are exacerbated by being cooped up inside.

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