FAIRFIELD - This week, News 12 Connecticut's What's Ailing You looks at what kind of impact music can have on the body.

Some people think that music can make someone more creative or improve IQ scores.

Greenwich Hospital Neurologist Dr. Frederick Nahm says researchers are mapping brain activity to figure out music's exact impact. He says research reveals that when some Parkinson's patients listen to sings they love, their tremors stop.

Dr. Nahm also says that music can stir emotions as it releases substances in the body that help relaxation.

Greenwich Hospital Music Therapist Amy Zabin says that some patients opt for music during surgery. "They often don't feel the pain as much, so they can use no or less anesthesia," she says.

While music gets high marks for boosting brain power, experts say they don't recommend listening to music while studying. Research shows that the brain will direct its attention to the music instead of the work.

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