NORWALK - This week's "What's Ailing You" looks at preventative medicine and where multivitamins fit into the picture.

A lot of people say they buy vitamins from time to time, but don't continue to take them. They say they're just not sold on the need for vitamins.

Naturopathic Dr. Paul Epstein holds workshops on "mindful healing" at Norwalk-based Life-Path Yoga and Wellness Studio. He says your best bet is to ask your doctor if he or she recommends that you take supplements and, if so, specifically which vitamins you need most.

"They may need B vitamins, which help in terms of energy," Dr. Epstein says. "If they're getting frequent colds or immune system is under the weather, you might prescribe C and herbs."

Dr. Epstein goes on to say that you may need vitamin D for bone building or vitamin C to boost your immune system. He says to make sure your vitamins don't interfere with medications, and never take too many.

The doctor also recommends against grabbing any multivitamin and assuming you're good to go. He suggests taking vitamins with intention and seeking the best advice possible.

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