NORWALK - This week's "What's Ailing You" looks at skin irritations, which some people say seem to haphazardly appear on their skin.

Dr. Debra Weissman, of Norwalk-based Dermatology Center P.C., says she's had clients use products for years and then all of the sudden break out.

She says that could be because a company changed an ingredient in their product.

Weissman says skin irritations are usually minor, but warns that not all cases should be ignored.

"If it's minor probably just stop the product, try 1 percent hydrocortisone and see if it's getting better," says Weissman. "If over the course of day it's getting worse or not getting better, they probably should call a dermatologist."

Dr. Weissman says anyone experiencing peeling and blistering may be suffering from a case of contact dermatitis. She says to seek immediate attention to avoid scarring.

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