NORWALK - In this week's "What's Ailing You," News 12 looks at alternatives to vitamin tablets.

Alternatives include powder, liquid, gummies, capsules and vitamin sprays.

Naturopathic Dr. Jared Skowron, who wrote "100 Natural Remedies For Your Child," says the vitamins all start in powder form.

"The hardest to absorb and digest is the tablets because the tablets are powder and powder-compacted," he says. "Many people will find the tablet in their stool because they couldn't digest it at all."

He prescribes powder supplements to his young patients on the autism spectrum at his medical practice called Spectrum Awakening.

Skowron says powders can absorb instantly when they hit the stomach lining or the intestinal lining.  He suggests opening a capsule and pouring it into something that can be ingested.

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