NORWALK - This week's "What's Ailing You" looks at stress in the workplace.

Mounting research shows that high stress affects an individual's mental and physical health.

A recent Harvard University study shows that workplace stress is as bad for a person's health as second-hand smoke.

Family Centers' Work-life Solutions director Leslie Sexer says venting to a trusting co-worker can help, but it won't help to spend your day commiserating.

Sexer suggests identifying who or what is triggering your stress at work, then take the necessary steps to solve the issue in a professional way.

She also says to pay attention to work-life balance. She says enjoying family and friends, and cultivating a hobby are all great stress relievers.

Sexer says stress manifests itself differently in different people. She says some people may suffer panic attacks while others might experience loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping and rapid heart race.

The study says workplace stress can contribute to insomnia, depression, obesity and high blood pressure.

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