BRIDGEPORT - A widow claiming to have been duped in a headstone scam held a memorial service Saturday at the now-furnished gravesite of her deceased husband.

Verna Kearney, whose husband Nelson passed away in December of 2006, gathered with friends and family to pay tribute to him. The ceremony comes months after a headstone was finally placed at his final resting site.

Kearney says she is one of many scammed by Bridgeport's Lakeview Monument Company. The widow claims to have paid thousands of dollars for a specialized tombstone that was never delivered. A different tombstone company took over the project in January and was able to finish within a week.

Richard Miron, the owner of Lakeview Monument and father of Stratford Mayor Jim Miron, has since been arrested for defrauding the widow. He is due back in court June 17.

The state is investigating more than 80 other cases involving the company. Authorities say Miron may have scammed customers out of more than $50,000.

Alleged Stratford tombstone scam under investigation Pain eased for alleged victim of headstone scam