WILTON - A Wilton family is speaking out against its neighbors and the town in a dispute over its swimming pool.

After months of attempted negotiations with town officials and nearby residents, Mitch and Iris Lasky say they were forced to tear up their pool and patio. They say it cost $100,000 to build up the area and another $80,000 to demolish it.

The homeowners say they paid their neighbor, Stephen Czarnecki, of Wilton Landscaping, to clear the land for the project. Once the pool was built, Czarnecki said it encroached 17 feet onto an easement located on his side of the property line.

The Laskys say they thought the property line was defined when construction started. "It's a lesson for the town," Iris Lasky said. "When a pool is being built, go out and inspect that it's in the proper place." The family says it is suing the pool company, Lang Pools, Inc.