WILTON - A Wilton man is using this Veterans Day to publicly show for the first time in 60 years what film historians say are the only surviving copies of several World War II newsreels.

Richard Esposito says that he inherited the films from his uncle Anthony Richitelli, who served in the U.S. Navy and shot some of the films, but the majority were filmed by World War II combat photographers.

His uncle was an amateur photographer and when he died in 1973, he left Esposito a 1938 projector, along with a collection of rare World War II combat films.

He says many of the films were incorporated into Castle newsreels. A film historian in California says about half of Esposito's reels may be the only surviving copies.

Esposito say he is sharing them on Veterans Day to remind people about the importance of this holiday.

He says some of the films were too graphic to show publicly, and have not been viewed since the early 1940s.

Esposito is asking for help preserving the delicate newsreels before they deteriorate.